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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


JFP Blog: Mississippi v. Edgar Ray Killen

JFP Blog: Mississippi v. Edgar Ray Killen:
The Jackson Free Press has a courtroom media press and the blogmanship is great. I've posted her link and will pass on her comments, as well. Expect top reporting from these folks.

"Day 3 in Philadelphia
This morning came quickly---up at 6 a.m. to be at the courthouse by 7:30. Reporters gathered around in hopes of reserving a seat in the courtroom. 27 seats are available for the media, and if more than 27 media persons are present for the seat assignment a lottery of names comes into play. This will be the process throughout the duration of the trial. Luckily there were only about 15 of us waiting today; thus, the Jackson Free Press has a courtroom media pass. Jury selection will wrap up sometime today, so hopefully the actual trial will begin after lunch. McIntyre, one of Killen's lawyers, said that opening statements will definitely be heard today, but he gave no other promises. more...
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JFP Blog: Mississippi v. Edgar Ray Killen:

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