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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Interview with Sue Dorfman about "Dying to Vote", 11/04

Interview with Sue Dorfman about "Dying to Vote", 11/04: "Dying to Vote
First-time filmmaker, Sue Dorfman, talks about her short film 'Dying to Vote,' filmed in Greater Boston and Mississippi.

By Margaret Tranggono

Rather than take a political stance on an individual party, Filmmaker Sue Dorfman�s film 'Dying to Vote' provides a brief account of the historical human cost of obtaining the right to vote and contemporary efforts to engage unregistered and disillusioned registered voters in the political process.

'Dying to Vote' deals with two major issues: the first is that people have died, or been willing to risk imprisonment or their lives, to gain the right of suffrage for themselves and others. The second is that someone�s desire to exercise their right to choose, by voting on issues or for candidates, is so strong that it takes on major importance in one�s life. In the process, 'Dying to Vote' addresses the rights and responsibilities of voting and inspires viewers to voice their beliefs and visions for themselves and their communities through the ballot box."

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